The many regional flavors of songpyeon, a Korean holiday dessert

쇼핑 2023-12-06 12:46:23 17

Chuseok is a time for enjoying many different traditional foods in Korea. Among them, one of the must-have sweet treats is songpyeon.

Songpyeon is a Korean traditional rice cake, or tteok, with filling that varies from region to region.

Vibrant five-colored songpyeon of Seoul

Seoul-style songpyeon are colorful and small, while most of the images of songpyeon that people know well are osaek songpyeon.

Osaek, or five-colored, songpyeon is traditionally dyed with natural colorants including omija, gardenia and mugwort. These small songpyeon are half-moon shaped and stuffed with sweet filling such as sesame seeds and sugar.




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